Nom Groupe musculaire Difficulté Photo Vidéo
Box Jump Jambes Facile
Burpee Médium
Burpee Broad Jump Médium
Burpee Jump Forward Difficile
Burpee Jump over Step Difficile
Burpee no Jump Facile
Burpee no Push Up Facile
Burpee Tuck Jump Difficile
Burpee with Dumbbell Difficile
Combo - Back lunge + jumping squat Jambes Médium
Devil Squat Jambes Difficile
Double Burpee Difficile
Dynamic Push Up Poitrine Médium
Jump Knees/Chest Médium
Jump on 2 Box Jambes Difficile
Jumping Jack Push Up Poitrine Difficile
Jumping Over a Bench Jambes Difficile
Jumping Squat with Knees Tuck Jambes Difficile
Kneeling Jump Difficile
Leg Split Jump Jambes Médium
Lunge switch knee to elbow Jambes Médium
Lunge with Kick Jambes Médium
Plank Jump Cross-Legged Difficile
Plyometric Pull Up Dos Difficile
Pull Up Burpee Difficile
Side Burpee Difficile
Side Burpees with Push Up Difficile
Side Lunge Jump Jambes Difficile
Single-Leg Bench Burpees Difficile
Starbust Burpee Médium
Tuck Jump Facile
Tuck Jump Facile